Shiddat e tashnigi mein bhi ghairat e maikashi rahi

Us ne jo pher li nazar mein ne bhi jaam rakh dia….

In Urdu/Persian poetry, poets usually say “wine of eyes” of beloved. So intoxication is when you look into eyes of your beloved (which is pretty much true). And furthermore, the intake of actual wine is sort of derogatory and against the honor of traditions of true love. Seeking refuge in drinking is act of cowardice.
1. So in the first line poet says that although I could of quenched my mundane thirst by drinking wine. Although my real source of intoxication is thou, but nevertheless I could have used wine to quench my thirst, but I did not. Because when you O my beloved, got angry with me (and faced away from me) so it was against our pledge of true love that I keep drinking, even if I am thirsty. So when you got angry, I also moved the glass of wine away because that wine was for quenching mere thirst, but my real source of intoxication were your eyes !


hey its great…can you guide me about any other detailed review which has all the math worked out . Peace !

An American Physics Student in England

Yesterday I gave a `Part III talk,’ which is meant to be a chance for students here to practice their seminar skills and to share neat mathematical ideas to their peers. It’s also something of a commercial for the Part II students who are interested in doing  Part III. Most people are giving talks on their essay topics, but I thought I’d give a talk with fewer equations on what I think is a really cute idea.

My talk is available in pdf form here: Split Supersymmetry.

Summary (roughly following the slides in the link above)

A very important idea: physics at different scales decouple. This is why we can calculate the trajectory of a basketball without considering modifications from general relativity of quantum gravity. So at a given energy scale, one only needs an `effective theory‘ at that scale. In fancy words, this idea is…

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