hey its great…can you guide me about any other detailed review which has all the math worked out . Peace !

An American Physics Student in England

Yesterday I gave a `Part III talk,’ which is meant to be a chance for students here to practice their seminar skills and to share neat mathematical ideas to their peers. It’s also something of a commercial for the Part II students who are interested in doing  Part III. Most people are giving talks on their essay topics, but I thought I’d give a talk with fewer equations on what I think is a really cute idea.

My talk is available in pdf form here: Split Supersymmetry.

Summary (roughly following the slides in the link above)

A very important idea: physics at different scales decouple. This is why we can calculate the trajectory of a basketball without considering modifications from general relativity of quantum gravity. So at a given energy scale, one only needs an `effective theory‘ at that scale. In fancy words, this idea is…

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