Formally speaking, I am a Theoretical Physicist. Informally, I am a dreamer, and will always be a dreamer !

But the dreams will have to wait, so that you may listen to my new years resolutions first !


A picture is worth more than thousand words…

A search for Music of the Spheres is what summarises my life. The first creative thing I took up in my life was music. I started learning guitar and this hobby led me to appreciate my surroundings in a better way. Music got me curious about everything in this life; Mathematics, Mysticism, Physics, Poetry, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, everything !
This naturally led me to acquire varied skills and I started taking a great interest in co-curricular activities. I developed oratory skills, learnt calligraphy, singing and music. I also did event management. I organised many events of some sororities at my varsity and they were all a success. I like to learn languages, I have learnt Persian at my own. I love reading books and I am greatly indebted to them.

I love being an earthling. I would like humanity to appreciate the value of simple, plain truth. I respect and revere all faiths and creeds, and I wish to see humanity following their respective Holy Scriptures. I believe, in these Holy Books, lies the panacea for the agonies of this weeping world.

I aspire to stimulate the Theoretical Physics activity in Pakistan in particular, and in the Third World in general. There once used to be an extremely good activity of Theoretical Physics in Pakistan. I wish to bring those days back, and even go beyond that level. The themes like Music of the Spheres are ridiculed in Pakistan, which is a very bad omen from an academic perspective. I am looking forward to involving more and more students from Pakistan and the Third World, in Theoretical Physics research, assigning them the same problems as being carried out by the top-notch researchers.
Secondly, I believe that a Theory Group is essential for any major scientific organisation. This is another dilemma of Pakistan and the Third World that we are blinded by the technology revolution. We want “Technology without Science”, as Abdus Salam pleaded[1]. This is impossible. The importance of pure and abstract sciences can’t be over-emphasised. The consequences of neglecting them are evident. Science for the sake of science is the need of the hour for the under developed and the so called developing countries.

[1] Salam, Muhammad Abdus (1994) “Renaissance of Sciences in Islamic Countries”, World Scientific.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Admirable message …..!

  2. u’ve done an extremely admirable work sir!
    i dnt know u neither u know me. i found u here and its awsum 1

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