A Relativistic Revolution

On 21st November, we commemorated the 15th death anniversary of Prof. Abdus Salam, the founder of ICTP, Italy. He was the 1979 Nobel Laureate, alongwith Glashow and Weinberg for his work in building the Standard Model of Particle Physics. But it’s not this work which I call the relativistic revolution, but the idea he gave called Supersymmetry. Salam, along with Strathdee gave the notion of superspace which replaces the classical manifold with a supermanifold. In a supermanifold there are some additional coordinates having properties different from the usual space-time coordinates. This idea associates with each fermion, a boson and vice versa. Which further leads to significant consequences.

As Einstein received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the photo-electric effect, while his more deeper and influential idea was the theory of Relativity. We find a similar analogy in case of Abdus Salam, who, although received the Nobel Prize for the Standard Model, but actually brought a “relativistic” revolution by providing the framework of Supersymmetry.

May Supersymmetry be verified in the laboratory soon. Amen !


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