String Theory

String theory is a theory of Mathematics and Physics which aims at providing a single Master Equation, which would describe everything in the universe, and perhaps beyond. I would like to be the one who finds that equation. Besides its basic thrust, there is a beautiful thing about string theory that has influenced me especially, i.e., string theory “applies” a lot of Pure Mathematics. I have studied some Topological string theory. In future, I would like to focus on Quantum Gravity and/or Quantum Geometry, Cosmological constant problem, the Lambda CDM model.

As mentioned, my primary interest is in understanding the Quantum Gravity conundrum. To give humanity the “One” fundamental constituent of nature and the Master Equation which describes everything. I want to decipher the Music of the Spheres, why do the Rosette, Eagle, Guitar nebulae form the shapes they form ? But at a rather practical level, I aspire to stimulate the Theoretical Physics activity, in the Third World in general and in Pakistan, in particular. I wish the students of aforementioned regions to dare work on the very same problems as being researched by the top-notch scientists. Because Mathematics and Theoretical Physics are the areas where you don’t need any laboratory, only a paper and a pencil.
Secondly, I believe that a Theory Group is extremely essential for any scientific organisation. This is a dilemma of the Third World and the so called developing countries, that they fancy for Technology without Science. I aspire to change this thinking and make these nations respect and appreciate the import of pure and abstract sciences.

Anyway, lets have a journey in 6 dimensions !
For more details, please refer to the following presentation titled
“On some invariants of Topological String Theory”.


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